Pack Rat Day, etc.

Are you a pack rat?
Do you squirrel things away and
Collect everything?

Shel Silverstein – Hector the Collector

It’s Pack Rat Day and National Photograph Month.


2 Responses to Pack Rat Day, etc.

  1. Sirgyp says:

    I am so a packrat, but the redeeming quality to that is: whatever I need, I have at least one of it, in the basement, service porch, or sheds. You never know when you might need that can of nails,the can of assorted washers, the box of paint brushes & paint rollers, sectioned box of nails & screws, that extra tool box, the old door knobs, faucet parts, etc. (If you have had rentals the list will include old doors, old toilets, hinges, cabinet knobs, various glues, stains, spackle, cleaners & just about any & everything… No man can have too many tools, too many ladders nor too much storage space. An understanding wife helps too. lol

    • Well, it’s a little different when you’re organized and what you store is usable or fixable. Also, you said something about having renters, and that changes things, too; you actually have a good reason to think you might need those things in the future. What you’re talking about is mostly different from people who can’t get rid of anything; it still be over the top if you couldn’t reasonably expect to use those things in a reasonable amount of time or you were storing things that were not fixable or were old and worn out (not that something is useless just because it’s old, but some things do become brittle or dry out with age), but it doesn’t sound like you have that kind of problem. You might have a problem with not having enough storage space, but if that were to be a problem you could just not replace some things after you’ve used them, or you could pair down some of the duplicates that you have. And, while you could rent some of those tools, it is nice to have them on hand. Also, I’m glad to hear you have an understanding wife.

      The thing is, I’m a pack rat myself, so I can’t help but know a lot of the arguments on both sides of the issue. So, while I’d have to see the situation (both what you have and how those around you respond to it) to know for sure, it sounds to me like you don’t really have much of a problem.


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