The Frenzy Is Over

That’s right, the frenzy is over (and I made it).  Script Frenzy, to be precise.  I wasn’t sure if I’d even participate, but I felt like I had to try, and I succeeded.  I wrote more than 100 pages, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any good.  I found that it was both harder and easier than I thought it would be.  There were times when I could write two or three times as many pages as I needed to for the day, and other times when even getting a single page out seemed beyond my grasp.  But, I think that’s just the way it is with writing; I had a similar experience when I did NaNoWriMo last year.  I think the biggest problem I had was the fact that I want to dictate things in the script that aren’t in the scope of the scriptwriter.  Some of this was directorial, but most of it had to do with things that don’t easily show up on screen, like what the characters are thinking.  The latter suggests to me that I’d probably be better at written stories as opposed to visual ones.  But, trying to write a script is a creative stretch, and that could be a good thing.


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