How I’m Voting

Apparently, a lot of bloggers tell people how they’re voting, and someone I know has joined this group.  I like how this was written; it’s not overly long considering the amount of information covered.  But, I will probably vote differently on a few of them.  I plan to vote for …

the people I think will do the best job in their respective positions. 

Here’s the thing for me:  I don’t know why who I’m voting for should convince someone else to vote the same way.  I don’t know why people vote for someone ‘because that person is going to win anyway’.  If all the people who voted for ‘the person who’s going to win anyway’ would vote for someone else, maybe the inevitable winner wouldn’t win after all.  Sure, this wouldn’t turn the tide all the time.  Heck, it probably wouldn’t change it most of the time.  But, I believe it would change it some of the time, and that’s the point.  Sometimes the inevitable winner doesn’t win.


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