Mother-In-Law Day and National Mincemeat Day

Mincemeat used to have
Minced or chopped up meat in it
Now it’s mostly fruit.


It’s Mother-In-Law Day and National Mincemeat Day.  Mother-In-Law Day is the fourth Sunday in October.  I’ve had mincemeat pie for Thanksgiving and I think it had no meat in it at all, so I wondered why it was called mincemeat in the first place, but the spiciness of it would complement the taste of meat.  Older recipes used to have a good amount of meat in them.  The purpose of it was to preserve food.  Over time the amount of meat has lessened until there is now little or none in many modern recipes.  It’s interesting to compare the amount of meat in different recipes.

Mother-in-law Day reminded me of a song that is written with the usual negative perspective.


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