Faux Political Ad

When I head that one of the presidential nominees was going to take some time off to visit his ailing grandmother, I started hearing a political ad in my head. It goes something like this:


“Just two weeks before the election he takes a vacation. Instead of working to fix the economy, he goes to Hawaii. He’s like that one company who took money from the government and then took a spa day. B.O.* – Not ready to lead.”

(I’m ____ ______ and I approve this faux message.)
(This ad brought to you by the Faux Political Party.)

* *whispers* besides, we hear he stinks**


**Sorry for the ‘body odor’ joke; but, I couldn’t help it, it’s been in my head for awhile and this seems like as good a place to share it as any.

And, yeah, it’s probably a bit short for a political ad; but the general idea is there.

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