[Write-in] for President

[BLANK] for President!
If you don’t like the choices,
Write someone else in.


Here are some of the ideas that I came up with to put in the blank:  a cartoon character, a peanut farmer, an actor, a hotel heiress, Condi, RuPaul, and even Cthulhu.  Some of these have been or have run for president or are in politics; others have been thrust into the fray.  I will try to explain each of them.

I’ve heard of several cartoon characters who have had campaigns for various offices.  I don’t remember any specific campaign for president, but the general political precedent is there; so, the blank could be filled in with Mickey or Bugs or Snoopy or some other character.

Some people probably know who the peanut farmer is, but other probably don’t.  He only served one term as president, so he could serve again.  I’m not saying that he’d want to, only that he could.  I don’t know a lot about him, but I do know that he won a Nobel Peace Prize.  Oh, and his brother made beer.

Weve also had an actor for a president; and, this time, we had one who was running for a little while.  Also, I’ve heard that some people want to change the law so that the govenor of California can run for president.  Besides, as my family jokingly says, an actor would make a good president because of all the pretending the president has to do when he meets with distasteful dignitaries.

Then there’s the hotel heiress that was brought into all of this by one of the presidential nominees because of her fame. Her response ads to that make her appear to be more intelligent than some of the other things she’s done.  I didn’t have a high opinion of her before this, but her ads were funny and showed she knew something besides how to be famous.

I think it would be fun if Condi ran for president.  She would be the first female president if she won.  She has enough political experience and would do well on the foreign policy front.  She would certainly have a lot of support if she decided to run.

RuPaul’s name is eerily similar to that of a politician from Texas who was running for the Republican ticket.

A while back I ran across, Cthulhu for President: Why vote for the lesser of two evils? so, I’m not just throwing this in randomly.  But really, any fictitious character could be written in.

Another thing to consider is writing in someone you know that you think would be better than the other choices.


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