Cookbook Launch Day, etc.

Launching a cookbook;
What should I use to launch it?
How far will it go?


It’s Cookbook Launch Day, Old Farmer’s Day, Moment of Frustration Day, and International Drum Month.  I know that Cookbook Launch Day is about making and selling a new cookbook, not about launching a cookbook like a rocket, but I thought it was a fun play on words.  I actually like cookbooks a lot.  It’s especially fun to look at old cookbooks to see how much some recipes have changed and how some recipes have stayed the same.

I have a couple of ideas for cookbooks: variations on a theme, and egg recipes.  The variations idea could actually be several cookbooks specializing of different types of food; like one for main dishes, one for side dishes, one for desserts, or even more specific breakdowns than that.  The idea would be to take a recipe and then give a list of possible substitutions or different amounts to encourage people to improvise a little when making a meal.  I’ve noticed that some people think they have to follow every recipe exactly or whatever they’re making won’t come out right.  While there are some recipes for which this it true, there are a lot of recipes that don’t have to be followed so carefully to come out ok.

The other idea springs from the fact that there are a lot of recipes that call for either egg whites or egg yolks and I don’t like seeing the other half of the egg wasted, so I think it would be nice if there were a book to turn to where I could find something to make with the other half.  The easiest solution is to add the extra to scrambled eggs or omelets or some other egg based food that won’t be effected by the addition of a few more whites or a few more yolks; but that’s not always practical.


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