What’s Wrong With Gas Guzzlers

I recently heard on the news that people were buying more SUVs and other gas guzzlers because the price of gas has gone down (below $3 here) and they think they can afford them now.  My first thought was, “what’s wrong with these guys?!?  Don’t they know the prices will go up again?  Especially if a lot of people buy gas guzzlers?”  I can’t believe people don’t realize this, but the proof was right there staring me in the face.

I can understand not getting a fully electric car because they are expensive, but that doesn’t mean they should buy the least gas efficient car they can find.  I can even understand the need for a larger vehicle; sometimes people need to transport something large, like furniture, and need a larger vehicle to do that.  And there are bigger families that need a larger vehicle simply to transport everyone.  Although, these families might be better off having two more gas efficient vehicles (if they can afford that).  I’m not saying that they need to buy new cars; they could buy used cars that are still relatively efficient.  The used cars would cost less so more people would be able to buy them as apposed to buying new.

But a gas guzzler shouldn’t be a status symbol; having an energy efficient car should be, at least in my opinion.  It’s not just an environmental issue; it’s an economic one, too.  If more people had the most gas efficient car they could afford and that was suited to their needs, then gas prices would be lower because the demand would be lower.  Now, I know, there are other factors, but this is an important point. Most people only seem to care about energy efficiency when it effects them.  So, there’s a part of me that hopes the prices don’t go too low so that people will try to be more efficient.


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  1. Josh Maxwell says:

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