Vegetarian Day and Month

The first day is for the world;
The month, national.


It’s World Vegetarian Day and National Vegetarian Month.  I knew someone in college who was almost a vegetarian; she didn’t eat meat often, and couldn’t eat too much of it because it would make her sick.  I think the only meat I ever saw her eat was chicken; if I remember correctly, she didn’t like the taste of beef or most other meats.  I thought it was interesting that she didn’t eat meat much because of personal tastes instead of for philosophical reasons.  I, on the other hand, like that taste of meat but don’t eat a lot of it.  From what I hear about American meat consumption, I’m not as much of a meat-eater as the average American. I don’t know why I don’t crave meat the way the average American does; maybe it’s because my parents didn’t overdo it with the meat when I was growing us, so I didn’t get used to eating a lot of meat; maybe it’s just biological and my body doesn’t need as much meat (I doubt this is a major factor, if it is a factor at all); maybe it’s a combination of biolgical  and environmental factors.  Maybe… I could keep coming up with different speculations, but it doesn’t really matter.  Although, I think it wouldn’t hurt for people to at least try to add more vegetables to their diets even if they don’t want to try to become vegetarians.


3 Responses to Vegetarian Day and Month

  1. Happy Vegetarian Day!

    If your friend ate chicken she was not a vegetarian. Just saying 🙂

  2. I wasn’t trying to say she was (although, some people might consider her to be, so I can see where you’re coming from). I was tring to think of any vegetarians I know in real life, and she’s the closest I came. Also, I think it may have been a couple of years since she’d last had chicken by that time (so she may effectively be a vegetarian, even if she doesn’t have a philosophical problem with eating meat), but I’m not still in contact with her so I can’t ask. Thanks for your comment.


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