August 31, 2008

I just found out about WeSeWriMo (web series writing month).  Just as it’s about to end (it spans the month of August), I learn about it, go figure.  But, even as diverse as it sounds like it is, I doubt this site would qualify.  Besides, even if it did, I wouldn’t know what kind of goal to set as what I’m doing now is about as much  as I want to do right now.  It usually doesn’t take me that long to actually write a post, but it does take energy and creativity to come up with haiku, so I’m not sure how much more I could stretch that and still do everything else I want to do.  Maybe next year I’ll look into it, maybe not; actually, probably not.  😛

National Trail Mix Day

August 31, 2008

Let’s make some trail mix;
Take some nuts and  dried fruit, and
Mix them together.


Today is National Trail Mix Day.  The above is a simple version; cereals, candy, and other snack foods can be added.  Holiday Insights makes a good suggestion about not using too many salty items, as they can make one more thirsty, and to avoid foods that make hands sticky.

Frankenstein Day, Toasted Marshmallow Day, and Be Kind to Humankind Week

August 30, 2008

What a freaky day!
Remembering Frankenstein
And toasted ‘mallows.


Today is Frankenstein Day and Toasted Marshmallow Day.  It makes me wonder if Frankenstein’s monster liked marshmallows.  I have to admit I’ve never read the book, and movies don’t always follow their source material very well, so I don’t really have a guess for it either.  I like toasting marshmallows because it makes them so gooey.  (Mmm, gooey marshmallows.)

Also, the fourth week in August is Be Kind to Humankind Week.


August 29, 2008

There is a story that is written in exactly 333 words per installment.  The author desribes it as ‘urban fantasy’; it takes place in a fictional city, but magic exists in it.

More Herbs, Less Salt Day

August 29, 2008

You should use more herbs,
And a lot less salt today;
It’s good for your health.


Today is More Herbs, Less Salt Day.

Race Your Mouse Day

August 28, 2008

Time to race your mouse.
Back and forth, and up and down,
Across your keyboard.


Today is Race Your Mouse Day.

Global Forgiveness Day and Just Because Day

August 27, 2008

Forgiveness again.
But it’s global this time, not


Today is Global Forgiveness Day.  There are two forgiveness days in August; so, maybe it should be ‘Forgivenses Month’.


I’ll do whatever;
Anything I can think of;
And all ‘just because’.


It’s also Just Because Day.  Do whatever you want (within reason), ‘just because’.